Quaffers Club – Chinese New Year Wine Pairing @ Artistry

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Beautiful peopleThis is the cialis mail order very first time I have attended an event by Quaffers Club which was kindly hosted by Wines2U, a company that provides great French wines and canadian pharmacies that sell pfizer viagra true story, their wines are really awesome. I had the privilege to not only taste the great wines but also to be part of one of the best looking crowd. But the best experience was to play host and serve the lovely crowd, I felt deeply honoured. I was definitely super underdressed but being equipped with the best fashion accessory ever – THE smile – I’m glad the cialis in india hot looking crowd could overlook my casual and almost student-like outlook. Thanks for that!


To quaff means to drink deeply, though Quaffers Club would rather interpret it a little differently as it’s about an easy and relaxing manner to onlinerep.com enjoy wine. However, personally both of the spectrums were covered really well. The participants did drink deeply in a very warm and friendly manner.


As stated in the event page, the mission for this event is buy xenical for everyone to have fun, to meet new people and to discover wines that are not available in the supermarkets and most importantly, these great quality wines are so reasonably priced that most of our guests were at awe. By the end of the night, we could see many were going home with their favourite bottles. Some were sold out and http://www.leadershipprogram.org/wholesale-generic-levitra they had to patiently wait for their order to be delivered. With super attractive club price, nobody can resist it. In order to put everyone at ease, Crémant de Bourgogne Brut NV from the region of Bailly-Lapierre was served as the opening. This bubbly from France offers crisp and clean flavor, most importantly one doesn’t need to break the bank to have that celebratory feel.


29021 10151232159251899 473965280 n Selection #2, raked in the most votes and also one of my personal favourite, was a Viognier 2010 by Domaine Yves Cuilleron from Rhône. Since everyone was ready to purchase tramadol 100mg have their Chinese food, this wine is supposedly best paired with Asian cuisine in general. However, it was so precious that one of our guests refused to mix it with any food. She slowly enjoyed the Viognier until the very last drop before she proceeded with her dinner. I must say, I agree with what she was doing. The more you drink it, the more it captivates you into another realm. Precious!


I thought the cialis night couldn’t have been any better but the wine selections kept proving most of us wrong. The next one is a 2011 Quincy, a type of usefull link cialis from mexico dry white wine by Domaine de Chevilly, Loire Valley. Though it didn’t have as many fans as the Viognier, it seems like a small fraction of the crowd did stick to this Quincy throughout the night.


The next selection was not from France – Fat Trout Chardonnay 2011, from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Personally I thought it reminded me of coconut strips I used to have when I was growing up in Indonesia. It was a bit bizarre at first but it grew on me. I had many requests of the Fat Trout all through the night, maybe because it has a cute name too.


More beautiful people!

After 3 whites, we moved on to 3 reds, time to get more serious, not! We were welcomed by Fleurie 2011 by Domaine Marcel Joubert of Beaujolais. Some said this young wine has no personality. I wonder could that be the reason that I actually enjoyed it? Hmm … I even had a bottle of it accompanying me home because my beloved Viognier was totally sold out that night.


For those who love more character in their wine, they finally met a worthy companion – Châteauneuf du Pape 2009 by Domaine de la Solitude of Rhône. It was smooth and with such beautiful nose that many claimed it has good balance and not too heavy on the tannin. One lady was so happy with it that she said this wine makes her feel hot. Thanks for the tips, I continued serving more people with it as I would love to be surrounded by hot people, which this event has definitely proven to the best choice tadafil have many of myubt.com them. I felt really lucky.


 Alex at your service

Ending the buy tramadol saturday delivery night with a touch of mystery, our host Alex, proclaimed that whoever was able to guess the grape, country of origin of the mystery wine will win a bottle. Not only our guests were hot bunch of people, they knew the wine really well too. One lucky gentleman managed to guess it correctly within a very short period of time! “Pinot Noir from New Zealand!”, he exclaimed the second time after thinking it was from Burgundy the first time. It was indeed a Tukipo River Estate Fat Duck Pinot Noir. Seriously, how can someone do that? I quickly went to rub my shoulders with this brilliant man and hope I could get a bit of his psychic ability for the next mystery wine challenge. Fat Trout. Fat Duck. Maybe, Fat Hope for me.


Oh, what a night! Everyone was having fun. Thanks to Alex from Wines2U who had single handedly picked all the amazing wines for this fun event. Thanks to the people from Artistry (this awesome art gallery and café at 17 Jalan Pinang) who have been so helpful and viagra pills for sale friendly to all of cialis from canadian pharmacies us and especially to me knowing I didn’t eat much, I was rewarded with their poppy seed cake (wait a minute, I may have begged them for it). It was heavenly! I wish the Viognier was there to http://euro2008tvschedule.info/cialis-samples accompany me. Thanks to Melvyn and friends who were doing their best hosting the 100 mg viagra very first wine event and in my honest opinion, it was a success. Ultimately, thanks to you, who shared those moments with all of us; drinking, eating and having great conversation. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the next Quaffers Club gathering.


Happy Chinese New Year, fellow Quaffers!


Contributed by Local Nose Blogger Donna Daritan